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Wouapy Pet Accessories accessoires pour chiens et chats


Our collection of basic coats consists of a variety of pieces that will accompany your dog in style. The finishes, cuts, and fabrics are designed to meet the most demanding, owners who want the best for their dogs.

In our collection of basic coats there is something for everyone :

  • Jacket coat, quilted coat with a small pocket with snap closure. This down jacket is lined with black fleece.
  • Bombers coat, a coat that can be put on by the head. It is equipped with a long zippered back closure and an expandable mesh belly. This bomber is doubled by a fleece.
  • Basic waxed coat, ideal coat in rainy weather it is equipped with a small pocket with snap closure. An “anchor” is printed on the back.
  • Alternative coat, coat type down jacket made from original fabric.
  • Outdoor coat, a short fur coat inspired by men’s fleeces. A rubber patch is sewn on the back for a mountain style.
  • Basic raincoat, lightweight windproof coat with mesh lining. A reflective patch is sewn on the back of this raincoat.
  • Basic knitwear, turtleneck pullover with a thin coloured border. A rubber patch is sewn on the back.
  • Eco rainoat, coat with scratch closure and black fleece lining. A black rubber patch is sewn on the lower back.