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Wouapy Pet Accessories accessoires pour chiens et chats

A story of the past

Since 1994 Wouapy has been supporting pet owners with high-quality accessories. We started this adventure with leather saddlery. A collection of collars, harnesses, and leashes has gradually expanded to include sleeping and ready-to-wear items. By wishing to respond to the problems faced by dog and cat owners, we have enriched our collection with transport items and hygiene accessories.

A brand name

At Wouapy we create, manufacture and distribute accessories for cats and dogs.

We are amongst the main market players in France and abroad. Our creations go from the top of the range to the more basic collections. They are all marketed under the brand ‘Wouapy’.

Originality, authenticity, and know-how have guided us in the manufacture of our products. Customer satisfaction is our main objective, which is why we value your opinions so much.



Our inspiration is beauty in all its forms. Our products are designed for the comfort and style of pets.


Our raw materials are carefully selected to offer you the highest quality accessories.



Our mission is to design practical and functional items that will accompany you throughout the day.