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Wouapy Pet Accessories accessoires pour chiens et chats


Our collection of cat boxes offers a space in which cats can rest, observe their environment and have fun. We have designed them with a refined finish to facilitate their integration into the interior decoration of homes.

Our cat boxes are all made from a grey mottled fabric, 100% polyester. They are equipped with comfortable velvet or fake fur cushions, guaranteeing maximum comfort.

All our cat boxes have their own properties :

  • The terrace offers a space from which cats can observe the house.
  • The stool preserves the cat’s privacy with its grey oxford roof.
  • The scraper stimulates fun with its sisal scratching post connected to a mouse toy.
  • The triangle offers a secure space with its zipped opening.
  • The box moves easily thanks to its handle.
  • The tower is a 25 cm high play area with openings lined with faux fur.
  • The keep with its 34 cm height is the only one to offer a floor in which to rest.